Inspiring Artist: Adonna Khare

Adonna Khare is an America Artist who uses carbon pencil on paper. She received her Masters of Fine Art from California State University Long Beach. Adonna draws super realistic animals with some weird twist to them. She inspires me because she is so great at drawing animals. For someone who draws/sculpts animals as well, I really appreciate the way she does it. I also make my animals do weird things with their melting, but it is completely different comparred to Adonna's amazing work. Check out more of Adonna's work on her website: And check out her Facebook Page "In the Clouds" Adonna Khare 2013 carbon pencil Detail from "Tiger Mu

Inspiring Artist: Shane Wolf

An artist that insipires me is Shane Wolf. He is a figure drawer that comes from Cincinnati, Ohio, but currently lives in Paris, France and studdied painting in Italy. His paintings are amazing and look so real, like how the old masters painted, which I am in love with. I am still trying to improve my paintings/drawings and seeing Shane's stuff makes me want to improve with my own stuff even more. Even though are our styles are completely different, I can only wish to be as good as him. You can see more of his work on his website: "Saint Simpleton" Shane Wolf oil on linen, 80 x 80 cm "Thrust" Shane Wolf oil on canvas, 223.6 x 100 cm "October's Grace" Shane Wo

Non-Technical Research

With me in love with animals, I would do research and find out about all the endangered species. I loved the sense of that they might not be around forever and they could be extinct at any time, but it is a really sad topic for me, espcially with global warming having a hand in some extinctions. I would look up animals and things that would melt, stuff like chocolate or candles. After doing more research, I found an artist by the name of Takeshi Kawano. He also did animals that would melt. Although we had similar ideas, I felt like I could create something different. When I get all of my images of the animals I want to make, I use them to create a sculpture.

Technical Process

When I am making my art, I find many reference pictures. For example, when I draw or sculpt animals, I find many pictures of the animal from every angle. Currently, I am sculpting many animlas; a leopard, a gorilla and a macaw. I look at all the references I found and use them to sculpt. Sometimes it takes me a little while to get it right and make the shape right, so I might make a practice animal thats small. I can make mistakes on the sculpture, but I just try to fix it and make it work. For drawing, I try to do the same thing.

Visiting the Manifest Gallery

My class and I visited the Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio, and it was a nice experience. I talked to Jason Franz, the Executive Director, Chief Curator, Visual Artist and Educator. Jason let us walk around the gallery and told us about the works that were currently there and he went into great detail about the works of art. Jason then talked about the Gallery itself and said that many artists can benifit from the there. He talked about artists residencies, the drawing center, and the bookstore; these are all in the gallery. Manifest website: "Interstellar" Samantha Parker Salazar

Interview with Ellen Isfort

When I went to Final Friday at the Pendleton, I interviewed Ellen Isfort. Thses are the questions I asked her. -How long have you had a studio? I’ve had a studio at the Pendleton Art Center for about 7years. -Why did you get a studio? I got a studio to be able to show my work, and to have a place to paint away from my home. Having to pay for a studio space makes your commitment to producing art a priority. At the Pendleton Art Center there is a goal for me each month to show my work on the Final Friday of each month. -How do you financially support your artwork? (through sales, salary, grants, etc.) I support my artwork through sales and commission work. -What are the problems you

How to: Make a Melting Gorilla Head

I get many questions asking how I make my sculptures, so I made a little tutorial to help some of you. View more of my art here:

Melting Gorilla WIP

A work in progress of another melting animal in the series. This time it is a gorilla. I put more detail into this one because it was bigger than the others. The most detail in is it's mouth, a tongue and teeth. I felt like the others didn't capture any emotion, so I made the gorilla screaming. View more of my art here:

Life Drawing

I love doing life drawing. There is something about drawing the human body that is a lot of fun. I draw blotches of shadows to make the figure, the shadows are what brings the body to life for me. View more of my art here:

Melting Leopard WIP

Another melting animal in the series. This one is a melting leopard. I really wanted half of it's face to melt some what off, like it was in the process of melting. View more of my art here:

Melting Turtle WIP

A work in progress in Ceramics. I have a fasination with melting things, and I love animals, so I put them together to make a series of melting animals. This is the first. View more of my art here:

Dragon WIP

Work in Progress in Ceramics. I made this dragon as a fun little project, and to better understand how to sculpt. It helped me a lot with eyes and mouths and more aware of a head structure. Dragons have always interested me and sculpting it was a great experience. View more of my art here:

Artist Statement

I have always loved animals. I wish that everyone could see the beauty in animals and experience deep feelings for them. My artwork keeps coming back to animals. I have drawn and painted other things, but I always seem to end up with an animal in front of me. They offer a safe way to express emotion. I do not start out to represent an emotion necessarily, but it comes out. It shows up in the posture or the look in the eyes as if it belonged there from the beginning. My art is a celebration of animals. Animals make you happy. They make you sad. They make you feel strong. My art makes you aware of the emotion and power within animals. My artwork is also a reminder of the importance we must pla

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