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Artist Statement

I have always loved animals. I wish that everyone could see the beauty in animals and experience deep feelings for them. My artwork keeps coming back to animals. I have drawn and painted other things, but I always seem to end up with an animal in front of me. They offer a safe way to express emotion. I do not start out to represent an emotion necessarily, but it comes out. It shows up in the posture or the look in the eyes as if it belonged there from the beginning.

My art is a celebration of animals. Animals make you happy. They make you sad. They make you feel strong. My art makes you aware of the emotion and power within animals. My artwork is also a reminder of the importance we must place on the environment. Mankind has an obligation to care for all creatures on this planet. We are the ones who must remain aware of the balance between animals and the environment. We must ensure that animals have a safe place to live and prosper. I hope that my art delivers this message so that we never forget the importance of our actions on others.

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